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Control systems and monitoring flap with automatic and manual controls

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logo boeningBOENING, german company, worldwide leader in the design and construction of systems of control and flap monitoring  has chosen DRAGHETTI MARINE DIVISION as the official supplier for their installations.
The german technology has met with Italian know-how, the flaps of the MD series designed in close cooperation are at the top of the market for quality and reliability.
Top quality stainless steels,  hydraulic circuits made entirely within the cylinder, no external cables and a touch of Italian design convinced BOENING to entrust to DRAGHETTI MARINE DIVISION the supply of this important component for navigation.


The control system for trim stabilizers AHD TCS (Trim Control System) is designed for use on speedy yachts, whose driving  can be controlled in a significant way by operating the trim stabilizers , commonly “flaps”.
Also in this case, as is usual when a system is equipped with flaps, the boat is controlled by an electro-hydraulic control. Each stabilizer is operated through one or more hydraulic pistons. The directional control valves are operated electrically. You can use either single or dual stroke pistons.
One of the innovations of this system is the absence of a directional transducer for the pistons. The stroke of the pistons and the resulting position of the flaps are calculated using a flow sensor (flow meter) and through an electronic device. The electrical wiring, usually installed outside of the boat, and therefore subject to corrosion, it is no longer necessary. Moreover, the system automatically retracts the trim tabs to their upper position when the engine is off. This feature is designed to prevent crust damage to the piston caused by the vegetation, when the boat is moored.
Another advantage of this system is the ease to operate. The flaps are brought in their start and  final positions. The electronic system records the number of pulses that are transmitted from the flow sensor to complete the stroke. Subsequently, the flaps are again brought to the first end position and the number of transmitted pulses is recorded once again. In this way you can compensate for small differences depending on the direction, relative to the number of pulses per stroke.
To have an automatic mode, the system must be connected to a GPS system. In this way you can automatically activate the optimum position of the flap gained during the start up and dependent on the speed of the boat (curve structure).  It is also possible to get as  a predetermined curve of set-up,  a preferred combination of position of the flaps and speed, according to the needs of the customer. Of course the manual control is always available, and it has priority over the automatic one.
If you already have installed a boat alarm system with color display from Böning range, also the position of the flaps can be displayed graphically. For each flap, the electronic system also has an analog output (0-10V), to which it is possible to connect for example circular section tools with its  downsizing for the precise indication of the flaps; Alternatively, in the absence of the display for the alarm systems, you can connect directly to the electronics of TCS (RS232) a GPS receiver.

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