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Monday, July 16, 2018

CAD CAM system

/ Monday, 29 October 2012 /

cad thMekanicaDraghetti usesworkstationswith3-axisand5-axis3DMastercam.
The software chosen by Mekanica Draghettito process tool paths Mastercam is, together withthe extensions:
- 2.5-axismilling
- 3-axis milling
- 5-axis milling
- Lathe CNC

The work environment Mastercam allows technicians toMekanica Draghetti to fully concentrateon the problemsto be solved.
The interfaces Cad and Cam coexist and make the job easier without having to force the user to move from one software to another.

Why we chose Mastercam?
Slim - Easyand powerful tool that allows great ease ands peed.
Versatile - Includes a wide and powerful range of CAD and CAM solutions.
Save time - The technology of dynamic milling Mastercam drastically reducesthe processing timeandtool wear.
Solid - Check all aspects of processing to speed up production.
Automated - Generate quickly and automatically processes based on the characteristics of solid models.

The newand efficient Mastercam CAD engine makes designe asier than ever. Eachpart of the geometry you create is "live", which allows you to quickly change the geometry it self, until it isexactlyas you wish.

We insertbelow someworks carried out with our CADCAM.

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