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Quality and certification

/ Tuesday, 25 September 2012 /

certificato thThe Quality Management System Purpose of the Quality Management System
The introduction in the company of a system of quality management has as its purpose the organization and control of business with a twofold objective:
- ensure over time the quality of products / services to meet the expectations of customers
- identify and reduce inefficiencies and eliminate corporate costs

The concept of Quality Management System
A system of quality management is essentially a method for searching the customer satisfaction through efficient business performance.
The term quality is therefore not used as an absolute value (for which we use the term "class"), but as a value relative to stated requirements that the company is committed to meeting.
Introducing a corporate management system for quality means to organize efficiently - and systematically control - all activities that contribute to ensuring the quality of the product / service.
Quality is therefore a way of working which aims to limit the impact of the case in the results of business processes and reduce wastes due to organizational inefficiencies or systematic failures in the production process.
To achieve this result it is required the contribution of all sectors of business and it is vital the work of the Executive Board in the definition of a Corporate Policy for quality and awareness of all staff of the importance of this way of working.

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